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Watch the highlights of the Global Wingsports Association (GWA) SuperFoil Brasil 2020; the first-ever wing foiling event got underway in Fortaleza, Brazil.

On the final day, the organization ran a Best Trick/Best Surf Super Session competition with all foilers. The first heat saw Dudu Mazzocato, Fabian Muhmenthaler, Yann Rifflet, Maxime Chabloz, and Balz Müller head to the water.

Balz and Maxime both rode very well. Balz landed a blind to toeside 360 and surfed some nice waves, which he attacked with style. He advanced into the final with a score of 14.13, followed by Maxime, who went into the final with 9.37.

Levi Lenz, Hendrick Lopes, Michael Näf, Fernando Novaes, and Titouan Galea battled it out in the second heat. Fernando tried his best in the swell, as did Hendrick. The young Cape Verdean is already showing huge potential in the waves.

Michael landed a stylish combination, raley into a frontside three, which gave him a freestyle advantage over the other two wave riders. Titouan outrode his fellow competitors, landing a backflip and a frontside three, which he rode out of at max speed. He then caught a wave, mixing in some freestyle airs, which gave him 14.57 points and a place in the finals. Michael went through to the final with 10.27.

Athletes were not so lucky with the wind for the finals, as it dropped just as they were heading into the water. The swell dropped due to the higher tide, and this combination made for a tricky final heat. Wing foilers searched in vain for waves, but they were a rarity.

Balz had an unlucky heat and didn’t land any tricks. Maxime showed some nice carving while on the search and managed to land a nice raley.

Michael landed a smooth frontside three, which earned him second place, but it was Titouan that caught the best wave and rode it all the way to the shore. He also landed a bigger raley than Maxime’s, giving him that little bit extra needed to secure the win.

The scoring in this heat was about as tight as it gets in a competition for the top three due to the conditions. There were two women competing in the female division, Leysa Perotti and Liana Maia. Leysa caught a nice wave and won the heat.

On the previous day, riders competed for the inaugural GWA Wingfoil Super Grand Slam Brazil titles, with Balz Müller and Titouan Galea making it to the final. Scores were very close, as both are talented athletes. Titouan found a few more little waves, which he surfed with perfect entry, execution, and speed. It gave him the advantage and the win with 26.83 points against Balz and his 24.17.

Titouan Galea won the first-ever GWA WingFoil Surf Freestyle champion title.

GWA Wingfoil Super Grand Slam Brazil | Results

1. Titouan Galea
2. Balz Müller
3. Fernando Novaes
4. Kauli Seadi

WingFoil Best Trick/Best Super Session | Results


1. Titouan Galea
2. Michael Näf
3. Maxime Chabloz
4. Balz Müller


1. Liana Maia
2. Leysa Perotti

Thu 19th Nov, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

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