Trikonasana / Triangle Pose Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Technique

Trikonasana / Triangle Pose

Technique / SUP Yoga

Standing Yoga poses on a Paddleboard are always more challenging because of the body’s gravity pull towards the water and the unstable surface of the board. Start by positioning the front foot with the toes facing the nose of the board and the back foot at 90 degrees. Feet are equal distance each side of the handle or center of the board. This will keep you from putting too much weight at the front or the back of the board where it is narrower and more unstable. Keeping a long spine, tip from the hips reaching down with the fingertips touching the board. Top arm reaches to the sky. Keep the torso straight. Traditionally in this pose the eye gaze is up, but in SUP Yoga the eye gaze is down towards the board to help keep balance. Hold this pose for 5 breaths  then slowly lower yourself back down onto the board, then give it a go on the other side!

This technique article was in Issue 6 of Tonic Mag.


By Chantal Crinquand

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