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Cabrinha Swift 2024

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There have been significant advancements in the Wingfoiling sport, including the introduction of inflatable wings, high aspect foils, and composite wide span handles. However, the next big evolution in Wingfoiling is the Swift.

The Swift is a displacement hull design with specific volume distribution and sizing tailored for wingfoiling. It is the first board of its kind designed to excel in light wind conditions and be versatile for all styles of riding in both flat water and waves.

The unique hull shape and volume distribution work in harmony with the wing's power, providing enough forward momentum for effortless foiling. The Swift's high cut rails make it not only the best light wind board available but also one of the top choices for wave riding.

The Swift features a recessed deck for reactive and direct foil response, a flat center section for stability and efficient launch, a tucked-in tail for efficient launching and turning clearance, and an industry-standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators. Its premium lightweight composite full-carbon construction makes it durable and responsive.

The Swift's specific displacement hull design is a first in the industry for wing foiling. The board is exceptionally light and buoyant, thanks to its EPS core fused with a full carbon wrap. The recess in the deck increases volume distribution in the nose for easier starts and brings the feet closer to the foil for enhanced reactivity and response.

The Swift's unique nose shape enables unprecedented speed and power transfer for directional movement. The pulled-in chine rails and smooth pin tail not only facilitate effortless forward direction but also assist with water release when carving on waves.

Additional features of the Swift include a membrane vent plug on the deck for self-regulation during changes in altitude or temperature. As wingfoiling involves unique forces, the board is constructed specifically for this sport. Its lightweight EPS core is combined with a durable composite construction featuring bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer.

The large recess in the deck not only aids in early starts but also brings the feet closer to the top of the foil, enhancing reactivity and response during riding and maneuvers. The straight edge rails contribute to the initial forward drive and assist with carves and turns, particularly on wave rides. The clean edge design allows for improved water release.

The smooth V-nose shape of the planing surface ensures highly efficient gliding through the water, resulting in minimal resistance during take-offs. The Swift's pulled-in kick tail design improves water efficiency and facilitates easy lift-off. The high chines and pin tail offer greater carving clearance during turns and touchdowns.

Overall, the Swift is revolutionizing wingfoiling, particularly on light wind days. Its extraordinary forward momentum in the lightest wind conditions makes it a game-changer. With a Swift in your quiver, it's challenging to find unrideable days.


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