Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – Mermaid Pose – Advanced Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Technique

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – Mermaid Pose – Advanced

Technique / SUP Yoga

Unleash your inner mermaid with this beautiful mermaid pose.

This more advanced pose, is for Yogis who like a challenge. From pigeon pose, bend the back knee and cradle the toes into the crease of the elbow. Making sure you are positioned in the middle of the board with the bottom foot pushing down firmly and ground the hip onto the board to increase balance.  If you can’t reach you hands behind your head, keep the back arm bent, cradling the toes and the front arm straight out in front of you, or reach down with the fingers on the board to create more stability.

This technique article was in Issue 2 of Tonic Mag.


By Chantal and Ben
Chantal and Ben make a strong dynamic team in sharing their lifestyle, passion for yoga, water sports and love of the ocean to others with a focus on fun, safety and appreciation for the oceanic environment. They are both highly qualified in their fields and have trained countless people over the years across various water sports. Their business, Kite West, operates SUP Yoga coaching in both Geraldton, Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia. Get in touch for personalised coaching across a wide range of activities!

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