Matsyasana – Fish Pose – Intermediate Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Technique

Matsyasana – Fish Pose – Intermediate

Technique / SUP Yoga

This pose opens the back, shoulders and chest.

Make sure you position the lower back over the handle so you are central on the board. The modified version of this pose is with the knees bent and feet firmly on the board hip distance apart. The arms are bent at 90 degrees with the forearm is flat on the board along side the body. Push the pelvis forward to create an arch in the back, trying to ground the crown of the head on the board. Stay in the pose for 3 breaths then gently come out of the pose by releasing the head first then the arms and back.

This technique article was in Issue 2 of Tonic Mag.


By Chantal and Ben
Chantal and Ben make a strong dynamic team in sharing their lifestyle, passion for yoga, water sports and love of the ocean to others with a focus on fun, safety and appreciation for the oceanic environment. They are both highly qualified in their fields and have trained countless people over the years across various water sports. Their business, Kite West, operates SUP Yoga coaching in both Geraldton, Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia. Get in touch for personalised coaching across a wide range of activities!

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