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Check out the 2022 Defi Wing — Wingfoil Racing Event Highlights from Gruissan, France!

The inaugural Defi Wing 2022 event delivers exciting wingfoil racing conditions and is poised to become the biggest event on the wing racing calendar. Event entries were limited to only 150 entrants and sold out in under 5 hours!

The 3-day long competition was open to both recreational and pro and wing riders with competitors from all across Europe coming to push themselves to the limits racing in up to 40 knots of wind. The event format is similar to the parent event, Defi Wind, whereby competitors compete in several rounds each day in a mass start. There are several runs with the competitors’ best 4 results counting towards their overall ranking, whilst their worst runs being counted as ‘discard’.

2022 Defi Wing Results – Top 10 Men:

1. Bastien Escoffet
2. Tom Auber
3. Clement Colmas (FreeWing/ Starboard)
4. Camille Bouyer
5. Titouan Galea
6. Liam Dunkerbeck (FreeWing/ Starboard)
7. Juliano Scalabrin
8. Mathis Ghio
9. Alan Fedit
10. Marius Auber

2022 Defi Wing Results – Top 9 Women:

1. Flora Artzner
2. Orane Ceris (FreeWing/ Starboard)
3. Olivia Piana
4. Kylie Belloeuvre
5. Marion Mattia
6. Alexia Fancelli
7. Lea Tosetti
8. Laurie Montagner
9. Marina Domec

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Wed 1st Jun, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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