Sirsasana – Headstand – Advanced Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Technique

Sirsasana – Headstand – Advanced

Technique / SUP Yoga

For those who love a challenge and don’t mind getting wet!

Not recommended for those who have head, neck and shoulder problems or those who have high blood pressure or are pregnant. This pose requires a lot of practice, good balance and strength. The key to nailing a SUP yoga headstand is to have a strong foundation, to take it slowly and avoid jerky movements. Before you attempt this pose, stow away the paddle towards the back of the board to reduce the chances of you falling on it.

Take your time to get a good steady arm positioning over the middle of the board. Nestle the crown of the head into clasped hands that support the back of the head as shown in the photo. The forearms press firmly into the board activating the shoulders and the large back muscles. Once the foundation of the arms is in place, lift the hips towards the sky. Transfer your body weight into the forearms to find balance, don’t rush to straighten the legs upwards.

Bring the knees towards the chest and slowly take the feet off the board. Find your balance, steady the breath then slowly start to the straighten legs out. Take your time with slow, steady movements. A steady breath equals a steady pose so make sure you breathe in and out through the nose, controlled, steady and focused. To come out of the pose start to bend the knees towards the chest and with control lower the feet towards the board. It’s okay to lose balance and fall in, this is one of the most challenging SUP Yoga poses, so keep trying!

This technique article was in Issue 5 of Tonic Mag.


By Chantal and Ben
Chantal and Ben make a strong dynamic team in sharing their lifestyle, passion for yoga, water sports and love of the ocean to others with a focus on fun, safety and appreciation for the oceanic environment. They are both highly qualified in their fields and have trained countless people over the years across various water sports. Their business, Kite West, operates SUP Yoga coaching in both Geraldton, Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia. Get in touch for personalised coaching across a wide range of activities!

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